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Regular Services

    • Pet Zone: Pet Food and Accessories are available on reasonable price. The items belong to leading brands of India and abroad. These items will be good value for your money.
    • 10 % discount on Food and accessories.


    • Health Check-up is preformed and customized management protocol is suggested. Fitness certificate for transport etc is issued.



    A. Dog


    Vaccination for following diseases of pets is available to save your pet from diseases. Rabies is a viral disease, which is communicable to human and other animals. It can be prevented well, if you adopt schedule vaccination programme.


    • Parvo-virus infection is also a highly communicable disease of pups, in which animal can suffer from vomition and diarrohea leading to severe dehydration and death.
    • Corona virus infectionalso causes ill health to your pet, with similar pattern to Parvo Virus infection.
    • Other diseases are also common in dogs and can be prevented by proper vaccination.

    • In order to keep your pet healthy and free from these infections, a standard vaccination programme can be adopted for your Pet. It includes

    These Vaccines can also be also available at your door step on booking and at convenient time.


    • Puppy DP vaccine  at age of 4 weeks.
    • 7/9/10 in One Vaccine  at the age of 6 weeks, and its Booster at 9 weeks then annual vaccination.
    • Anti-rabies Vaccination  at the age of 12 weeks, 1st booster 13 weeks, 2nd booster on 15th weeks, then annual vaccination.


    B. Cat


    • Feline Pan Leukopaenia (FPL) is a highly contagious and fatal viral disease of kittens. However, vaccine against highly infectious diseases like Calcivirus and Rhinotrachietis is also advised. It can be prevented by vaccination.


    Schedule:  1st dose at 4 weeks, booster 6 weeks, booster at 9 weeks and then annual vaccination is recommended to keep the pet healthy.


    • Anti-rabies Vaccination  at the age of 12 weeks, 1st booster 13 weeks, 2nd booster on 15th weeks, then annual vaccination.



    • Diet Formulation: Your pet will be examined and a customized diet will be recommended according to age, sex, physiological status or a disease condition.

    • Diagnosis and Treatment:  Blood examination, Urine Examination, Faecal Examination, Skin Scraping. Treatment for Heamaoprotozoan diseases, Ascites (Water belly), Gastro-intestinal diseases, Respiratory diseases (pneumonia etc.), Blood protozoan, Skin diseases, Nervous system, Eye and Ear diseases, Urinary System and other problems

    • Blood Transfusion can be planned for a Pet in need for the same.

    • Surgical Procedures: Anaesthesia can be performed for examination of mouth cavity for teeth examination etc. Care is also provided to pets for good health and quality life.
      Neuter Surgeries are performed as these are helpful to control population, minimize seasonal behavior and fewer chances of mammary tumor, vaginal tumour, urinary system diseases and other disorders also. A typical neuter can require few hour to perform and basic health examination report.
      General Surgery is performed for tumours, hernia, hematoma formation, abscess, cyst and repair of laceration. 
      Caesarian operation is performed when natural process of parturition has been hampered. This procedure is performed to recover foetus. Sometimes, the delay in parturition can be harmful to life of your pet. So, be attentive, when a pet is giving birth to young ones and consult your Vet.
      Trauma Management is an integral component of our services. Animals are exposed to injuries by fellow animals, falling from height and an automobile accident. Trauma can be a threat to life your pet, not always, but in some instances. Time is a crucial factor towards outcome. Untreated trauma may lead to infection, further leading to serious complications.

    • Grooming Facility: Nail trimming and Grooming of hair coat with medicated bath is available for your Pet.




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