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We are pleased to announce “Pets N Vets, Jabalpur” as first of its kind professionally specialized Veterinary Care and Health Service in Jabalpur and Mahakaushal Region.
It will provide clinical and auxiliary services for your pet animals by expert and experienced Veterinarians under one roof.  The associated Vets are registered under Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984.
Kindly feel free to walk in or contact for any need of your pet!!

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Our Doctors


Dr. kshemankar Shrman
M.V.Sc, Ph.D

He is consultant Veterinary Physician and Toxicologist, has been in this field since 10 years. His area of expertise is Toxicology and Clinical Nutrition. Diet for your pet is customized as per its requirements. He has been awarded by different professional societies for his contribution in veterinary science.

Dr. Arun Mourya

He is a Veterinary physician having 12 years of experience in veterinary practice. His field of expertise is Veterinary Medicine. He has specialization in management of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases in animals. He has successfully performed treatment in many health and vaccination camps for different species of animals like dogs, goats and cattle. He has proven acumen for fluid therapy in animals.

Dr. Devendra K. Gupta
M.V.Sc, Ph.D

He is consultant Veterinary Physician and is a renowned clinician. He is actively involved in clinical veterinary practice for last one and half decades. His area of expertise is cardio-pulmonary system and successfully handled wide variety of critically ill animals. He has attended outbreaks in the state on call and rendered services to National Parks. He has successfully saved the lives of critically ill patient using blood transfusion. His expertise is well known for chronic skin diseases, blood protozoan infection, ascites, epilepsy; Parvo viral infection etc. is exemplary. He has been bestowed with awards like Young Scientist Award and University Best Teacher Award.

Dr. Randhir Singh
M.V.Sc, Ph.D

He is a consultant veterinary surgeon having 15 years of experience in veterinary practice. His field of expertise is Surgery and Radiology. He has specialization in trauma and fracture management in animals. Vet has performed more than thousand surgical procedures in different species of animals like dogs, cats, goats, cattle, horse and wild animals, including their anesthetic management. Neutering procedures (castration and ovario-hyseterectomy) in pet animals are also being performed. Domain of cancer management in pet animals is also being taken up by him. Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) and Wild Life Dept has facilitated him for contribution to veterinary profession.






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Pets 'N' Vets, Jabalpur

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